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Welcome to the world of harmony and well-being! We will create an atmosphere of ease and mental balance that will remain in memory only the most pleasant memories and stay with us will be not only a stay, but an experience.

Modern, airy and timeless architecture, it is a relaxing spa health  hotel centre. The building has a swimming pool 10 x 5 m , waterfalls and breathtaking views. 

Partial body massage (cca 20 min) 550,-Kč
This massage is suitable for all musculoskeletal disorders including post-traumatic conditions, recovery, conditions after physical exhaustion and muscle fatigue.
Classic massage (cca 50 min) 990,-Kč    
Aroma massage partial (cca 20 min) 650,-Kč
Relaxing massage bringing relaxation and calming the excessive mental and physical stress. Beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body, rejuvenates the skin and relaxes muscles. 
Aroma body massage (cca 50 min) 1050,-Kč
Sedative Massage of the head  (cca 20 min) 550,-Kč
It relieves tension and stress, deep relaxation. It works on various pain and tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders.
Reflexology foot massage (cca 20 min) 550,-Kč
Acupressure massage of the feet. This special technique can affect the function of internal organs and to induce a balance in the autonomic nerves.
Pinda Sweda - Ayurveda massages (cca. 60 min.) 1050,-Kč 
Ss based on a special technique dates back several centuries, where with the help of fine touch, warmth and fragrance absorbed into the body . Full body massage performed canvas herbal pouches which are filled with a special blend of herbs that remove toxins from the body, improve blood circulation and digestion.
HOT STONES  (cca. 60 min.)  1050,-Kč
The massage is done with heated stones. The warmth and special massage technique perfectly relaxes the body and mind, relieve stress and tension also. Beneficial effect on tired and sore muscles, joints, back, neck, rheumatism, cramps, stress, insomnia, headaches and lymphatic system.

Keep in mind that the procedures can not be freely combined, there are certain laws governing their interactions. Not always a large number of treatments is also of great benefit to your health. When you stay 3 days and 2 nights the most treatments focus on the second day of stay. On the day of departure they are possible only very light treatments. In the case of early arrival - treatments can be timed on the day of arrival. It is necessary to deal it with the hotel reception in advance.

When buying additional treatments during the stay or when booking - please keep in mind that when wellness stay, is 3 days and 2 nights, you can not catch everything and sometimes you can not even buy some, for reasons of time or for health reasons. Even spa treatments have an impact on the organism (fatigue, weakness, headache, etc.).
We always try to meet the client with times of treatments, but it is true that we can not satisfy everyone. Early booking (at least 3 weeks prior to arrival) can be arranged at specific times, in case of last-minute arrival or during the stay we write the time where there is a loose term.

Please report pregnancy when you book your stay.


Contraindication to understand the situation when we can not perform the procedure at all (total or absolute contraindications), or do not perform procedures on certain parts of the body (local or relative contraindications).

Contraindications total: Magnesium or acute inflammatory diseases. Conditions requiring bed rest. The total physical exhaustion. Immediately after the meal. Severe bleeding disorders (hemophilia, leukemia, etc.). Diseases of the abdomen associated with inflammation or bleeding. Injuries to the abdominal cavity. Pregnancy.

Contraindications local: In places purulent or fungal diseases. In areas of inflamed joints. In places bleeding injuries or extensive bruising, fractures, etc. In areas of burns, scalds etc. In places varicose veins, phlebitis or leg ulcers. In places swelling of unknown origin. In sensitive areas such as the knees well, my elbow, armpit, groin, neck front. In places moles, warts.

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